We are a non-profit amateur/youth soccer club based out of Hudson County, NJ, dedicated to providing a better future for our kids. Currently, we run four successful soccer teams in various respected leagues in NJ, including our U-18 team which was recently crowned as New Jersey’s Futsal 09 State Champions (futsal is FIFA’s official indoor soccer).

Moreover, our U-18 team has taken part in the CJYSA/MAPS League (www.cjysa.org), which is one of the most competitive youth soccer leagues/organizations in the nation. The only way for a team to participate in this league is by invite, and our players have earned it.



The idea to have a non-profit soccer club was born from our love for the sport and the firm believe that our players should not have to pay to play good, competitive soccer. Big organizations provide their players with fields, buses for transportation, fancy uniforms and more. Nearby clubs that provide the same level of competition to their teams usually charge their young players over $1,200 to play! If you live in Hudson County, you know very well that the majority of our kids would not be able to afford playing for such teams.

Most towns have recreational teams that, while affordable, do not supply the coaching and experience necessary for kids to make it into college on athletic scholarships. Our staff is made up of a high school teacher, an EZ pass employee, a college student, and an accountant, all with great experience in the sport and professional coaching licenses’ in and out of the United States.


  • (U-23) New Jersey State Cup Winners
  • (U-18) NJ Futsal '09 State Champions
  • (U-18) CJYSA/MAPS League participation


Our goal and purpose is to get the best talent from Hudson County and competitively showcase them against the best teams in the state of New Jersey, region, and the nation. We have represented New Jersey in regional tournaments on various occasions like when our U-23 team won the New Jersey State Cup and traveled to Pennsylvania for the regional tournament, depending solely on players from Hudson County.

We believe that every kid willing to play must be given an opportunity to participate regardless of their hardships. Equally important is our embedded emphasis on character development and social responsibility, which we consider to be a vital component in our quest to prepare young student-athletes for the next step in their life's journey.